Constitution Laya of Berkeley

Student Organization Name: Laya of Berkeley

Date Prepared: January 1, 2019

Date Amended:January 1, 2019

I – Name

This organization is hereby called “Laya of Berkeley”

II – Purpose

The purpose of Laya is to draw together individuals who have a passion for music. Although the primary focus is classical Indian music, the goal is to blend and fuse other genres of music from around the world to create a unique performing group. Along with performing, the group will focus on cultivating and rehearsing these fusions through regular practices. We will also be hosting experienced artists to expose ourselves and the campus to Indian music art forms. The primary focus of the group is to grow interest in classical Indian music as well as inspire individuals to expand their musical creativity.

III – Membership

Only currently registered students, faculty, and staff may be active members in a registered student organization. Only fully active members may vote. Only members who have been fully active for two semesters can hold office.

We will not haze according to California State Law.

We will not restrict membership based upon race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy (including pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth), physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services (including membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service, or obligation for service in the uniformed services).

Students interested in joining will go through the application process and auditions in front of the recruitment team. Each application will be seen by the team and voted on based on the club’s current availability. After being accepted, the member will be in a probational state for the first semester to show commitment. The recruitment team will then vote on making them fully active members or not. If accepted, they will remain active until their graduation conditioned on consistently fulfilling membership requirements each semester. After that, they will become club alumni and may receive discounts in future events, or even be invited to perform in certain events.

The following are the requirements to become and stay a member of Laya of Berkeley:

  1. Attendance to at least ⅔ of the semester’s club meetings.
  2. Participation and involvement in a committee.
  3. Willingness to participate in group performances and events whenever possible.

IV – Officers & Elections

There will be five major positions. The major positions are Director of Finance, Director of Content , Director of Marketing, Director of Internal Affairs, and Director of External Affairs. The Director of Finance keeps track of the finances of the club as well creating and maintaining a budget approved by all the officers. The Director of Content is in charge of maintaining the clubs own content. The Director of Marketing is in charge of ensuring the public face of the club is the way we want it to be. The Director of Internal Affairs is in charge of updating and notifying all members of upcoming meeting, events and deadlines as well as booking rooms for several events and rehearsals. The Director of External Affairs is in charge of being the spokesman with anyone outside of the club and does things such as reaching out to prospective members as well as communications with other groups.

Elected officials (Directors) will need to be elected by a majority of active, voting membership. Elections occur at the beginning of each semester and ran by the previous officers. To ensure credibility, one active member will be chosen by the active members to count the ballots.  

Officers serve for a semester and are required to keep monthly updates of their job so that the successor can have a track record of what is being accomplished.

The Director of External Affairs serves as the primary signatory. Officers term is only for a semester and if an officer need to be removed, a 2/3 majority of active members must vote to oust the officer.

V – Meetings

Meetings/rehearsals shall be held at least weekly, if not more frequently. Meetings will be called by the president or by a majority of active members. Quorum is 1/2 of the active members. Emergency meetings can only be called by an elected official given 1 weeks’ notice to all active members accompanied by the reasoning for calling the special meeting. If business needs to come up before a 1 week time frame, the Director of Internal Affairs can call a special meeting with unanimous approval of all the elected officials

VI – Constitutional Amendments

Amendments can be proposed by any voting member. They must be proposed in written form to the Officers who will bring the amendments to the next meeting. The period of time between an amendment and vote is as little as one meeting, as long as the Officers have the ability to turn around and inform the active body about the amendment before the meeting. For an amendment to be incorporated into the constitution it will need a 2/3 majority vote from active members to pass.  All amendments, additions or deletions to this document must be filed with the LEAD Center in 432 Eshleman Hall.

VII – Dissolution

“If the organization is ASUC or GA Sponsored, all unspent ASUC funds shall return to the ASUC; all Graduate Assembly funds shall return to the Graduate Assembly. If the organization is defunct for five (5) or more years, any privately obtained funds (including any funds left in miscellaneous accounts) shall be donated to the following nonprofit organization: Carnatic Chamber Concerts. In the event that the designated nonprofit organization no longer exists or has ceased to be a nonprofit, then the unspent funds shall be donated to the ASUC.”

VIII – Rules of Order

Meetings will primarily be in the form of rehearsals/practices. If any member of the elected officials feels the conversation is getting out of hand a motion may be entertained to use Robert’s Rules of Order. If this motion is seconded, no vote must occur and the session shall immediately begin to use Robert’s Rules of Order with the Director of Internal Affairs presiding as Chair. If the Director of Internal Affairs is unavailable then the Director of Content will operate as the chair.